Eric Quill: Day 1 with U19 USMNT

Day 1 in Slovakia with U19 National Team ~ Eric Quill

I’m typing this at 2AM as I’m wide awake somehow after 24 hours of travel. As many of us know the first few days of international travel have our bodies all out of whack. Anyhow, to the good stuff…

Today, we had our first training in Trnava, Slovakia in preparation for the 2018 Slovakia Cup. I jumped into the session for rondos (5v2) and after 15 minutes felt like a played a full match. The boys we have here are exceptional soccer talents, this was evident very quickly. Most of the U19 NT boys here are either pros already or soon to be. This event will bring many Professional Scouts from around the world to see our talent on display, hoping to find/sign a future star.

I’m scheduled to run training tomorrow morning as the head coach Dave Van Der Bergh does a great job of creating a collaborative coaching environment where his assistants can have an impact on team preparation. We will prepare for 6 days before the first game against Kazikstan (spell check).